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This Woman Quit Her Job So She Can Sail Around the World With An Unusual Partner

Isabelle Garreaud

Now this is the dream! This woman quit her job as a bartender and now sails around the western hemisphere. 34-year-old Liz Clark started this adventure in 2006 and 7 years later, she recruited a new member–a 6-month-old cat that she rescued in one of her travels. Together, the two of them sail around in her Cal 40 sailboat, documenting their expeditions.


Clark named her kitten Amelia but also gave it the adorable nickname Tropicat (pun obviously intended). According to her owner, Amelia has adapted to living on a boat, a lifestyle usually not ideal for cats. Clark said her cat trusts her completely and understands she will keep her safe. Though rescue cats tend to have trust issues, Amelia is doing pretty well and acts like any normal cat, traveling around the world with her owner. With her cat alongside her, Clark says her yacht feels like home.

Want to find out more about Liz and Amelia’s fascinating story? Read more after the jump!


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