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The Inspiring Story Of Smiley, The Golden Retriever Born Without Eyes

The story of Smiley, the Golden Retriever born without eyes, is truly inspiring. Smiley didn’t have a lot going for him at first. He was born blind, and was raised in a puppy mill.

The pup doesn’t let hardship put him down, though. Ever since he was a newborn, the joyous Golden Retriever never stopped smiling. His joy is so inspiring and infectious, that he works as a therapy dog for the mentally ill and disabled.

Photographer Stacey Morrison was so inspired by Smiley’s story that she had to photograph him. According to Morrison, Smiley bumps into things pretty often, and doesn’t quite know when to stop when he’s running at you. Other than that, he’s just like any other dog. Morrison even said that when it comes to regular dog business, like listening, sniffing and nuzzling, his disability becomes invisible and he acts just like any other dog.

Smiley’s owner is a professional dog trainer Joanne. Joanne makes sure Smiley explores his surroundings on his own, and uses his own instincts without the help of humans. This way, even if he bumps into something in the process, it doesn’t discourage him. If he doesn’t consider himself disabled, why should we?

Check out Smiley’s inspiring story after the jump.


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