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Two Office Buildings Had a Post It War And It Ended Epically

Isabelle Garreaud

It’s funny to think that something as simple as a square piece of paper with an adhesive on the back wasn’t actually around until 1974. I couldn’t even imagine a world without Post-its because it is hard to find a desk that wouldn’t have a least one pack. Arthur Fry, the inventor, probably sits back in his mansion, admiring the product he originally used as a bookmark. Post-its are not just used for jotting down notes anymore, as people have figured out how to turn them into works of art.

In fact, a Post-it war broke out between two office buildings in New York, where each building kept coming up with elaborate pictures to display in their windows. The battle started after one of Harrison and Star’s employees spelled out “hi” with Post-it notes on her window, to be seen by the adjacent building. Soon she got a “sup” reply but it didn’t stop there! A creative contest broke out, which isn’t all that surprising considering both buildings had a lot of marketing and media agencies. As entertaining as it was, it eventually had to come to an end and one building triumphed in the most epic way.

1. On the 6th floor at 75 Varick Street in Manhattan, someone decided to say hi to their neighbors.

post it war


I bet that person didn’t think her innocent message would be the start of a war. Little did she know…


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