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These Photoshopped Celebrity Photos are Hilarious!

Carolyn Guerrero

Patrick Thorendahl, a man also known by the name Peeje T., just photoshopped himself into a whole bunch of celebrity photos… and the result is hilarious. Thorendahl’s idea is basically, if you can’t get close to the stars in person, why not just Photoshop yourself with them? It’s practically the same, right?

Peeje uses the power of Photoshop to insert himself into various uncomfortable, awkward situations with famous singers, actors and athletes that seem pretty confused by his presence, which is pretty hysterical. He even photoshopped himself into an affair with Kim Kardashian and Beyonce! Kanye and Jay Z must be so mad.

It really is no wonder Peeje T. has so many social media followers! Check out his work below:

24. Peeje really likes to get up close and personal with his favorite stars.

Photoshopped Celebrity Photos

And by that I mean, really personal.


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