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These Photographs of Children Living Without Electronic Devices Are Amazing

While working as a physiotherapist in Scotland, photographer Niki Boon snapped photos as a leisure activity. Yet, the native New Zealander quickly saw her interest in the hobby fade when traveling, that is, until she came back home and began raising her family. It was then that her passion for photography sparked again. Boon’s spectacular photo series entitled “Childhood in the Raw,” documents the lives of her four children as they live out a tech-free childhood, on her picturesque 10-acre estate in New Zealand. This series acts as an impressive example of Boon’s artistry and talent. She also makes it a point to present a finished print to each child as a gift on his or her birthday every year.

When asked if there are any difficulties involved in living on the countryside, Boon was quoted saying that living on land may be hard, and that they have animals to care for, but that work is what she and her family enjoy the most. Her kids learn that they need to work in order to enjoy what they have and they learn to grow their own food. They also learn about how life begins and ends, as well as many other important life lessons.

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