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What Donald Trump Really Wants

Carolyn Guerrero

Donald Trump doesn’t actually want to make America great again. No way.

Let’s name everything that Donald Trump really wants and seems to love, shall we? First, he loves women (but only if they’re tall, thin, and gorgeous… so, basically, models). Secondly, he loves Mexican people (as long as they’re not actually in the US, because God forbid we let America be diverse). Thirdly, he loves children. And Asians. And Oreos. And the Bible.

Not listed? America. And even if he did love America, he has a funny way of showing that he loves things. For example, Donald Trump claims to love Mexico and Hispanics, yet he wants to build a wall on the Mexican-American border to keep all of the Mexicans in Mexico, safely and snugly away from the U.S. and him. He also claims to love women, yet he’s called women “pigs” and implied that any woman angry at him is only angry because they’re on their period. (Is it just me, or does Donald Trump actually sound a little chauvinistic?)

Donald trump really wants

John Locher

Trump encourages hostility against anyone who isn’t on his side, refusing to play fair… or even nice. His comments are often racist, sexist, and can even border on neo-Nazism. Frankly, Trump doesn’t care what people think of him. In 1991, he told Esquire magazine, “It doesn’t really matter what [media] write as long as you’ve got a young and beautiful piece of ass.” Wow, Trump. That’s low.

Donald Trump really wants

Spencer Platt/Getty Images

Trump surrounds himself with people that share these same beliefs, as well, and it’s working out for him. Trump doesn’t care what negative things people say about him, because at the other end of the spectrum are thousands of people that fully support him. It doesn’t matter if a couple of people are saying awful things about him, because he’s got others that are adulating him – and this is what Trump really wants. Trump wants people talking about him. He wants people worshiping him, fueling his ego. And this is what he’s getting.

donald trump really wants

David Williams/Bloomberg via Getty Images

If Trump becomes president, he’s going to have a whole nation of people following him and looking towards his every move, whether it’s willing or not. However, what Trump doesn’t seem to understand is that being the nation’s president also requires a sense of self-sacrifice, duty, and patriotism. Trump, unfortunately, lacks all of these things. He doesn’t really want to be the President for the right reasons, after all. He only wants to fuel his raging egomania.


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