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Costa Rica’s Land of the Strays is a Heaven for Homeless Dogs

Isabelle Garreaud

When I was traveling in Chile, something that was hard to get used to was seeing a lot of stray dogs wandering throughout the streets. It broke my heart to see so many of them without a home and obviously starving. As a dog-lover, I wanted to take them all in and open up my home to them, even the scary looking ones.

Well, in Costa Rica, there is a place for those stray dogs to have a better life. It is called the “Territorio de Zaguates,” or in English, “The Land of the Strays.” It is a no-kill animal shelter that is privately funded and run by volunteers. Their motto is “when you adopt a mutt, you adopt a unique breed” to encourage people to adopt mixed breed dogs.

People usually prefer pure-breeds because of the belief that mongrels are inferior but the shelter wants to change that perception. The dogs at “The Land of the Strays” are so unique, you will probably be the only one with that type of dog. The breeds are so rare and special, and when adopting from this shelter, you will know what the breed is. You can get an Alaskan Collie Fluffyterrie or a Chubby-Tailed German Dobernauzer, just to name a few cool ones!

1. If you close your eyes, this place almost seems like doggy heaven.

homeless dogs

They do say that all dogs go to heaven, right?


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