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Can You Spot All these Hidden Disney Easter Eggs?

Carolyn Guerrero

Something that every Disney fan knows about is the hidden Easter eggs, or “Hidden Mickeys,” that can often be found in Disney and Pixar films. For fans of the studios, it can be a lot of fun to try and spot these little secrets, just like an Easter egg hunt! You’ve got to have sharp eyes because they are pretty sneaky! Let’s hope Disney keeps going the distance and dropping these fun little tidbits in their movies!

These 22 hidden Easter eggs you’re about to see were all spotted in various Disney and Pixar films. Keep your eyes open! Maybe you’ll spot more yourself next time. Have fun hunting!

22. Rapunzel visits Arendelle

disney easter eggs

During Elsa’s coronation in the blockbuster Frozen, Rapunzel and Flynn Rider (from the movie Tangled) can be seen meeting Princess Anna!


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