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20 Gorgeous Daughters Of The World’s Biggest stars

Being the beautiful daughter of a popular celeb means increased attention from paparazzi, possibly growing up in front of cameras, and never being able to live a ‘normal’ life. While under this kind of pressure, it’s easy to see why so many celebrity offspring have to toughen up their emotional strength, turn a blind eye to gossip, and develop an immunity to life under the Hollywood microscope.

However, growing up the child of a star can come with a crazy amount of perks, like imaginable amounts of wealth, attendance to prestigious schools, becoming bff’s with other celeb kids, and the freedom to choose career paths and open doors others can only dream of. Plus, if you’re as stunning as the celebrity daughters below, it wouldn’t be hard to live a pretty charmed life.

Check out these drop-dead gorgeous daughters of popular celebrities!

20. Kate Hudson

celebrity daughters

This blonde bombshell can thank mother Goldie Hawn for her stunning beauty. The Bride Wars actress has starred in countless comedies and rom-coms, and has such an amazing personality, you can’t help but be drawn to her.


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