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15 Celebrity Cheating Scandals

Isabelle Garreaud

It must be a good day at the tabloid office if news breaks out that a celebrity cheated on their partner. The shorter the marriage, the bigger the scandal and we just eat it up. If you’re in the spotlight, it’s quite hard to sneak around because as soon as the paparrazzi catches you with someone you shouldn’t be with, your secret is out. Sure, it’s wrong to talk about someone’s private life, but when you are famous, that right slowly diminishes as the public “has to know” what awful thing you did. We just can’t help it!

Here are 15 celebrity couples who were involved in outrageous cheating scandals:

1. Eva Longoria and Tony Parker

In 2010, the actress filed for divorce after it came to light that her husband, basketball player Tony Parker, was having an affair with the wife of his former teammate, Brent Barry.

Eva Longoria Tony Parker cheating scandal

Toby Canham/Getty Images

Longoria and Parker had only been married for 3 years when the Desperate Housewives star discovered that her husband wasn’t being faithful. Adding insult to injury, Parker had also been sending inappropriate text messages to many different women.


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